SCRAPS @ THE FLEA THEATER (2018)  - Sold Out Run

“The adult actress Bryn Carter trenchantly explores the roots of Sebastian's terror and agony, making us feel the demons that are, seemingly literally, gnawing at him.” - Light and Sound America

[The second act] shifts into the unsettling, urgently heightened landscape of Sebastian’s nightmare. He is 8 years old by then and played by Bryn Carter, an adult….What unfolds from there [Act I] is gut-punch sickening.” - New York Times

"This gifted quartet vividly portray other fantastical characters in the second act and are joined by Bryn Carter who hurls herself into her eerie part with total commitment. " -

" ...the ensemble—coming together with superb vocal and physical cohesion—behaves in surrealistically rhythmic fits and starts... In its midst, Carter delivers a riveting performance as the anguished child." - Theater Pizzazz

"The ensemble cast is extremely talented..." - Times Square Chronicles

"All five cast members shine under Flea Artistic Director Niegel Smith's brave direction." - Yes Broadway

"Smith is also the director of this play, and he has gotten impressively convincing performances out of the cast of young actors from The Bats, the Flea’s resident company."  -

“The cast of Scraps is unflinching… dive headfirst into difficult material.” -The Reviews Hub

“In the second half… the action and tone take a dramatic shift… directly into the horrific nightmares of the heretofore unseen child… Sebastian (Bryn Carter). He is now eight years old and his fantasies are dark indeed. It’s a daring leap in style and subject, but it works, thanks to the smart script by Geraldine Inoa and tight direction by Niegel Smith, as well as the chilling performances from one and all.” -

“…the six actors here are exceptional.” -

“….all actors turn on extraordinary ferocity in the final, disturbing developments of the story.” - InfiniteBody